ClickerTraining is a Method for training animals. Our application ClickerTrain can be used for the clicker sound and also signs (iPhone /iPod touch only). Its providing different clicker sounds, bells, whistles, and the iPhone / Ipod touch version also optical signals for hearing impact animals and for fish training. The clicker training is based on the classic conditioning, using a signal and a treat. The signal can be given much more precise than the treat alone for any wanted behaviour.  Available for ANDROID and for iPhone and iPod touch.


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Clickertraining basiert auf der Methode der positiven Bestärkung mehr Infos auch im Forum für alle Vogelliebhaber:

Screens from the iPhone / iPod touch version 1.1 with multiple 3 clickers and one accelleration modus and Flashlight Clickers for non hearing animals - currently we removed the Android version from the market so only the iOS versions are remaining..


ClickerTrain  is now available for iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store.

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