planex highscore

Planex: arcade-game. Try to land your spaceship on a foreign planet. With a global highscore. (language in english + german)

now availabe on App Store for  iPhone and iPod touch


Planex  is now available for iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store.

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Planex was originally implemented as a java game introduced 1996. In these years of being online  it received several  awards, and was called to be  “adictive” :

bonus-1 - no longer listed


no longer listed...


These sites no longer exist on the web under the original links.

Planex now has several tutorial levels for training of the lander with new graphics.

NEW update coming soon with more features and new control !

Screenshot 2009.06.22 15.45.04

This is one of the tutorial levels, here you can train and get used to the controller. The controller is a mix of a gamepad controller device and the classic key control with arrow, which was used in the classic java game. Pulling up will fire the main thrusters, and with left and right you can control the directional thrusters.

Here part of the highscore which you can see life on this link.

Here the german menu. We currently support two languages for the game.