RadioactivityCounter App for radiation measurement using camera sensor

Ship simulator project for large simulation systems used for educational and entertainment purpose.

Boxed version of the computer game ports of call for Astragon. (Classic Edition and Ports Of Call 2008 Deluxe Edition). New plattforms will be supported.


Project 3D freeze for beachvolleyball sports events. Currently used by RTL. Rendered using our own engine, handled through the compnay Unlimited GmbH.

Project augmented Reality for the RTL-Skijumping. Interface drivers done for connecting motioncamera heads to 3D Software.


Animatronic for puppet theatre in Bad-Tölz, controlling a six armed dancer.



2003 - 2004

Project “Facetracker” for the GUM Studios and the ZDF: The animatronical Mainzelmaennchen are controlled by mobile facetrackers during several interaktive shows.

Interface for optimal controlling of data gloves, position and also bodytracker used for interactive jump scenes at the RTL-Skispringen 03/04 with Guenther Jauch und Dieter Thoma.

Quiz-Editor to create own controlling lists for the MHP project. This task was given by Studio Hamburg for their ARD-Quizshow with Joerg Pilawa.

Our new online TV ComputerTrend as replacement for the Computertreff, which is not produced anymore..

Longterm-project for the Bayrischer Rundfunk (Databroadcast earlier) as additional information to some actual TV reports of the Schulfernsehen that can be checked online. www.br-online.de/bildung/databrd/index.htm

2002 - 2003

Developmet of an innovative high-precision data glove for Tevox in
Cologne (Drachenfels-Production)

Cooperative Project ”Embassi” with the Fraunhofer Institut : Terminal applications based on the Embassi-Technology.

On request of our customers we established our own Onlineshop-System for the amazing Ports of Call computer game and also went on with its further development and new ships.

2001 - 2002

Development of a processor for several uses on the internet, mainly for automatical painting on graphic surfaces for the eflows company.

Special hard- and software development for the RTL Skispringen (TV Show) with Guenther Jauch in connection with our ”Nemotion”- Joystick and some parallel adaption of software for BestView3D.

Development of our production tool Nemotion for 3D animations including all necessary drivers for several famous programs, such as: Maya, 3D Studio Max etc.

Longterm project from 1996 until 2002: Mastering of the OTTO-catalogue on CD-Rom for Otto-Versand Hamburg.

2000 - 2001

Streaming Technology for the internet - Superstream for Studio-Hamburg

3D-Visualising for scientific TV reports (i.e “Globus”) for the Bayerischer Rundfunk

Production tools for realtime computeranimation, done for Tevox.

Design und development of the ARD-Settop-Box for digital television and also development of WEBCast (co-production with the IRT (Institut for Rundfunktechnik in Munich)