TimeCode Calculator for Android handys:

Timecodes are a little bit tricky to handle, especially when dealing with drop frames on NTSC formats. To calculate the actual number of frames, this can cause headache without any specialized tools. Our TimeCode Calculator for Android mobil phones can solve this.

Useful for timecode calculations, with IN and OUT  TC you can convert to or from frames, see differences with fps rate supporting drop and non drop - PAL, NTSC(SMPTE - 12M-1-2008). Helps for film and video editing purpose, cutters. arithmetic can be done for IN and OUT using  +,-,*,/,() and RCL STO.

All numbers and states are saved during power off.

The following frame rates are supported:

10, 12,15,18,23.976,24 25,29.97,50,59.94,60,100,120,239.76,599.4, 1000fps

23.976 is using a 5 dropframe according to the Adobe Premiere format,

29.97 and 59.94 are using the 2 and 4 standard drop frame format according to SMPTE - 12M-1-2008


In and out are used to calculate the difference and shows this in frames and in the current timecode format


here the mode is switched to frames


When turning the phone you get an optimized display as well. When chaning the frame rate you get a small feedback display field.


this is the frame rate selection menu