Welcome to the new television program using internet as main transportation media. We focus ourself on general computer topics like a magazine, but we always try to explain how things work. So our magazine has entertainment and educational character.Please write to: email: info@rdklein.de ,

According to several talks at the SIGGRAPH this kind of information channel will become very important for the future and is also of great interest for universities and other educational institutes.

We will have three different formats. A small real video format for preview and slow connections with 320x240, then a full screen TV format with either 720x576 and 25fps or 640x360 for HDTV converted files and a HDTV size format with 1280x720 and 30fps, both coded with XviD (similar to DivX)

As we now have the possibility to use HDTV size for PCs we will produce most of the new videos in the 720p. This is the smaller of the both HDTV formats available. With 1280 Pixels it will fit on the normal PC monitors and projectors. The new MPEG 4 based codecs allow for relativ small file size.


As we have produced the tv series ComputerTreff for BR-alpha (german educational tv), for about 19 years, which has been stopped now like other computer magazines in germany, for example the WDR ComputerClub.

We decided to build our own tv station using INTERNET. We will produce a series called ComputerTrend. As the qualtity and compression for videos did become good enough (about the same as standard television now) and bandwidth for downloads are increasing its a good time to start.


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