Links to Codecs

You need a player and codec for viewing our tv show. Most of you should already have a player, but we use XviD and DivX as codecs, so you might need to download them.

For a player you can use the  BSPlayer  It can play both type of videos DivX and XviD very well.

Preview videos use Real Technology, you might need a player with codec:

Currently we use DivX and XviD, later on we might use XviD only. Here the links:

DivX at  or we use version 5.05. Download is also at

The basic DivX version is sufficient and does not contain any adware.

Also nice is the   Gordian Knot Codec Pack 1.1 with several codecs also the DivX and Audio codec (the contained XviD is also ok)..

VidX is open source see

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